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MUSEA offers online proofing

and FINE ART PRINTING for photographers 

Below you will find information for our online proofing software and you can find more out about the Lab at the menu at the top of this page. When you create a Musea account you'll have access to both the MUSEA Store and the MUSEA Lab.

To place a print order log into your MUSEA account and use the Lab Menu at the top!



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Features & Pricing

The Musea Store is designed to sell your work through a clean interface with the aid of great features!

  • Control of your own sales (When they start, stop and how much of a discount you want to give)
  • Show clients what your products look like while they are shopping
  • Build your own price lists and charge whatever you want
  • Organize your images into sub-categories
  • Sell individual digital downloads
  • Gallery visitor emails are saved, which allows you to use our bulk email marketing system
  • Print credits
  • Works in the US, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia.
  • Works great on tablets
  • UNLIMITED image uploads

We give you all of this with NO monthly fees. We only make money when you make money. Musea charges a 16% commission on all sales with 2% of every sale going directly to Water.org to help solve the global water crisis.

Click below to see how the Musea Store can help you sell more prints!



We print on 3 different types of Hahnemühle Paper that give your photos a high-end look and feel. 

Every image is printed, allowed to cure for 24 hours, sprayed for protection and cut by hand.

We believe that photographs are best presented in tangible form and not buried on a hard drive.


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